6 Reasons To Hire A Videographer For Your Malay Wedding

6 Reasons To Hire A Videographer For Your Malay Wedding

Hiring a wedding videographer might seem like a strange idea. Particularly within the Malay, Muslim community in Singapore. I mean, you’re no Kardashian or even a Rozita Che Wan. So why even bother? Well, taking note that the number one regret for most brides post wedding is the fact that they didn’t hire a videographer. I’d say, you should be bothered.

I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video.Mobridetobe

Like a photographer, a videographer is there to capture the missed wedding moments or the backstage bloopers your significant other/in-laws/parents/friends might say. Even my camera-shy mother wishes she’d hired someone to record her wedding, back in the early 90’s. If only she could turn back time (you could with a wedding video, just saying!). Anyways, here are six reasons as to why you should hire a videographer for your ceremony! Do note that most of these are from brides and bride-to-be’s themselves!

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1. A Keepsake For The Future

Like your photographs, good wedding videos are timeless heirlooms that you can show your future children or even grandchildren! Wouldn’t you want to relive your happy wedding footage twenty years down the road, to remind yourself of what the day was like? Or maybe show your future children/grandchildren how cool and hip your wedding was? Plus! You could always use the footage to make that late anniversary slideshow/YouTube video for your wife. The video might be more useful than you think.

2. Show Your Friends And Family

If thinking ahead is just, not, “your thing.” How about recording your wedding for your loved ones in the present? Sure, most of them might turn up at the wedding but what if your best friend fell sick and missed out on the magic? Or what if your Pakcik Anwar couldn’t make it due to his triple heart angioplasty thanks to all that lemak ayam he’s been chowing down, the past twenty years? Having a beautifully crafted wedding video will help bring the magic of your wedding to your loved ones! Now your best friend and uncle Anwar can relive all your cutesy wedding moments (down to those shots of your mother swallowing the third plate of nasi minyak), all from the safety and comfort of their home/hospital bed. You could even upload it to YouTube or Facebook and share it with loved ones scattered all over the world! Now everyone can experience your wedding day!

3. Capture Missed Moments

The one thing professional photographers won’t tell you is that most photographic moments will not be caught on camera. Either the camera is too slow, the moment looks awkward caught on camera or the professional themselves isn’t around to capture that video of your niece singing along to Projector band’s, sudah ku tahu. Needless to say, some your cherished wedding memories might not make it to the album.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be extremely busy on the wedding day itself, you might not even witness any of these amusing snippets to remember. You might be on the pelamin sweating through the heat and forcing smiles for all your pictures and not know that your atuk is learning the ‘Juju on that beat’ dance. Heck, if I knew my granddad was learning that, I’d hire eight videographers to record him from eight different angles.

4. Star In Your Dream Wedding

Sometimes the rush and anxiety of it all gets to us, and we forget to enjoy some of our future memories. Videographers can help you remember it all, even if you choose to remember it to Taylor Swift’s old country hits. The point is, you get to direct and watch your wedding from a different point-of-view. You might choose to forget those cringe-worthy moments you encountered during the ceremony, but with the right editing, filter and background music. That cringeworthy memory is now an adorable wedding blooper, showcasing how adorably anxious you were to tie the knot with the partner of your dreams.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have the Bond themed wedding of your dreams! But your budget won’t allow you to crash into the window of your venue, Bond-style. Well, here’s where that videographer will come in handy. The things you can do with a professional videographer are endless! All they’ll need is that creative vision you want, filmed and some money to record and edit the heck out of it!

5. Relive Your Wedding

Imagine you’re sitting in your bedroom, after spending three hours crying over that pretty big squabble you just had with your partner. You’re starting to think if it’s even worth it to stick by their whiny baby, backside, but suddenly! You found your old wedding video. And you’re now reminded of the good times and the ultimate reason you wanted to get married, thanks to a little Hollywood magic and that amazing videographer you found cheap online.

It’s okay to want to relive your wedding ceremony. After all, you’ve spent months planning every little detail, making sure that it’s all perfect. It should be a no-brainer to want to record something that you’ve spent your time, money and commitment to. Think about it!

6. Why not?

You might not be a Kardashian, Xiaxue or even have a thousand Instagram followers. But that doesn’t mean you should be made to enjoy your wedding in the most boring and blandest way imaginable. Wedding videos are fun little snippets for people to watch, enjoy and bond over. They can be made and directed anyway you want. Maybe you’re interested in hiring a videographer to understand what it’s like for celebrity wedding documentaries backstage. Or maybe you’re just interested in having a professionally composed video documenting an important part of your life. Well, no matter the reason, you should always consider hiring a videographer for your wedding. I mean, how else are you supposed to remember the best day of your life in an era of social media? Right?


It’s also good to note that most professional wedding photography services also offer videography services. If your haggling skills are good, you might even get a package deal for cheap! Hows that sound?

All memories should be remembered, no matter how small and menial it may seem to some. Especially happy memories. Whether or not your wedding video will be shown to your friends overseas, loved ones or saved for the future. It will always be a special memento for the future. What I’m trying to say is that hiring a professional wedding videographer is a worthwhile investment. One that many brides overlook and regret when they’re left with nothing but fuzzy and false memories of their special day. So why not invest in someone to document every single memorable thing that happened, on your wedding ceremony. You can add it to your family time capsule in the future and share one of the most beautiful days of your life, with your children. That sounds like a worthy investment to me.

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