12 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

12 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid/Groomsmen

Imagine this: It is a beautiful Saturday morning. You’re having your delicious breakfast, thinking of going shopping in the evening for dresses to wear on your best friend’s wedding. There’s only a month left. To your surprise, you received a call from the bride-to-be, asking you out. As it turns out, she wants you to be her bridesmaid. Never in your life have you been a bridesmaid before. Take some time to feel nervous. But also, be excited that you are going to be a big part of the wedding.

Now, calm down and read the following tips on how you can do great at your friend’s wedding. And hey, ask your friend who will be the groomsman and ask him to read this too.

Before The Wedding Ceremony

Be the I-know-it-all

In any program or ceremony, every participating individual should know every little detail. Learn everything about the wedding ceremony flow. Know every order of the event, from A to Z. Get to know the family members of both bride and groom. That way, when the couple needs them on the day of the ceremony, you can be the one calling for them. We sure don’t want to see the bride or the groom shouting names on the bridal dais.

Know your partner

When it comes to wedding, a bridesmaid without a groomsman would be as incomplete as a bride without her groom. If you are a groomsman, get to know the bridesmaid before the ceremony started. If possible, you can even study the flow of the ceremony together to keep in sync. Plus, it will help a lot in avoiding any awkward eye contact as you are standing beside the newlywed. Also, who knows, if you are both single at the moment, next thing you know, the next wedding will be of you two!

Dress well

Groomsmen Dress Well

A nuptial happens only once in a lifetime for most people. It is everyone’s wishes to have a beautiful, memorable wedding day. Help your bride and groom achieve their dream and dress well for the ceremony. Discuss with your partner what color to wear. Match your outfit and appear nice. There will be gazillions of photo taken during the ceremony. The spouse would want to have an amazing memory of that day. Do not ruin this with your hideous outfit.

During The Wedding Ceremony

Be constantly alert

Knowing the flow alone without doing anything would be futile. Watch for cues for what is to happen next. Get yourself prepared for the next step. This will help the ceremony run smooth. Not only that, make sure you know if there is anything going wrong. If you can’t be the one fixing it, at least find someone to solve any trouble.

Be equipped

Malay Wedding Backpack

The weather is unpredictable, especially if we are never bothered to check the forecast. It can be too sunny on the day. Or worse, raining. Be sure to have an umbrella with you. Sure you have the fancy umbrellas but you don’t want to ruin it in the rain, especially if it is rented. Other than that, always have small packets of tissues with you. The bride and groom are so going to need it to wipe away all the nervous sweat. It is also important to have your cellphone with you all the time to keep everything running smoothly. Also, help answer calls and texts for the bride/groom. There will be at least one person who will be lost to get to the wedding hall.

Do not steal their thunder

Of course, you have to look your best. But do not overdo it. Be beautiful, but not prettier than the bride. Be good looking, but do not “over-handsome” the groom. It is their day. If you are married, you already had your day. If you are still single, keep looking and plan for a bigger wedding. You are free to wear anything, sure. But never overshadow the royal couple of the day. Let them enjoy their moment.

Be a slave for a day

Again, it is their day. Be a slave for your king and queen. Do everything necessary. Fix their make-up. Help clean their hands after the tepung tawar. Dry every little drop of tears. Sure, most wedding halls these days come with air conditioners. But we all know how anxiety and nervousness can sweat people. Fan them. Keep them cool and ventilated. And of course, help them with their meal during makan beradab (wedding breakfast).

Keep Smiling Throughout

Malay Wedding Bridesmaid Smiling

Wedding is a joyous celebration. Draw a beautiful curve on your lips and keep that smile for the whole day. Plus, a smile can be contagious. It won’t kill to spread positive vibe around the ceremony. You won’t know whose day you made better with just a smile. You are sitting next to the center of the occasion. Everyone will be looking at you. Photographers too. Wouldn’t it be sad to see your frowning face on the wedding pictures?

Keep the bride and groom calm

For some people, a wedding might just be a party. But for the couple, it is their one of the most important day in their life. They have put a lot of money and effort to have this day. Things need to be perfect in their mind. It would be normal if they get nervous, or cold feet even. Be there to calm them down. Tell them that everything is going to be fine. Guide them to pull it together.


Be modest. Yes, it is a happy day. It is okay to laugh, but not maniacally. Remember, you are the center of attention too. Wedding is also one of the places find their “the one”. It is okay if you have that in mind. But keep it low. Never be flirtatious. It is not good in any situation. Other than that, remember to keep the good posture. Not just yours, the couple as well.

After The Wedding Ceremony

Be mentally prepared

As the ceremony ends, you would be lucky if you are already married. But if you are still single, people will shoot you with “When is yours?” Most of us hate that question, especially if we don’t even have anyone in mind. Be polite, just answer accordingly. Or maybe, pretend to have mouthful of food and run away as far as you can. It is important that you don’t be sad and not make things about you. Again, it is the couple’s day.

It didn’t stop at the ceremony

Some even say that the responsibility of a groomsman/bridesmaid stays for as long as the spouses remain married. You have to meddle a little, ask constantly about their marriage. Though it may sound ridiculous, it won’t hurt to have someone giving attention to one’s marriage, especially if the bridesmaid or the groomsman is a family.

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