Fun Ideas to Add Variety in Cake Cutting Session

Fun Ideas to Add Variety in Cake Cutting Session

In typical Malay weddings, before the cake cutting session begins, the emcee usually says a few words to describe the ceremony that is going to take place. Sometimes, there is an opening short speech accompanied by pantun empat kerat. Most of the times, prayers are uttered as well.

All of this is rather predicted, nothing extraordinary. I know it’s the proper thing to do, but don’t you think that it’s becoming quite monotonous? Would you like to add some more varieties to your cake cutting session if you can?

Well, your wedding day is your day. You have the right to decide what’s best for this special day. Of course you still want to maintain the sense of formality, but adding some fun elements won’t hurt a bit! So, if you are searching for fun ideas, here are some of them. Do read on!

1. Create a lucky draw gift out of it

In most wedding events, lucky draw gifts are given in the form of tangible items. Some may give away small kitchen appliances, ornaments and condiments. What if this time you create a lucky draw gift whereby the holder of the ticket gets to cut the cake with the bride and groom? This can certainly bring about an especially memorable experience for everyone. On top of that, if you want, you can still give the lucky guest a tangible gift item to bring home.

2. Sing for a slice of cake

What do I mean with this? Does this mean everyone who wants to eat the wedding cake must sing first before digging in? Sure, you can do it this way but it can be too burdening to some people, resulting in a spoilt mood. What you can do is to stick a piece of paper on the bottom of the plate that you put the cake on. On the paper, write down the name of the song and the lyrics. You can choose anyone who is willing enough to accept this challenge. Ask everyone to run their fingers at the bottom of their plates. The one who found the paper on his or her plate will then be invited to step up on the stage to sing. Make sure you have the background music ready, be it a live band or a recorded one. You can even encourage the audience to sing along. Isn’t this fun

3. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as well

If you have a big family, there might be a few of them whose birthdays and anniversaries fall around the date of your wedding. Thus, instead of having only one cake in the middle of the table, you can have a display of a line of cakes! My brother did the same thing on his wedding day. Altogether, there were six birthday cakes and one anniversary cake lined up together with the wedding cake. Of course, the biggest one was my brother’s cake – three layered and placed in the middle.

4. Make a slide show

When everyone is sitting quietly at the tables while enjoying their cakes, this is the best time for you to play a slide show. The content can be about how you and your significant other met for the first time. You can include the process involved in preparing for your wedding. Don’t forget to include your family members, close relatives and best friends into your slide show. You can hire a professional to do this for you, or stick with simplicity by doing it yourself using PowerPoint or other commonly available programs.

5. Fun speech session

While eating the cakes, what if you create a session where a few people are invited to share their fun opinions about you and your significant other? Make a request for them to share only the fun stories. After all, this is supposed to be a fun session, so any negative views should not have a place here. I believe there would be giggles and chuckles here and there, when one after another fun stories are shared around. You can even expect them to get carried away, especially when there are a lot of great stories to be shared. So much fun indeed!

6. Fashion parade during cake cutting

This idea is a little out of the ordinary but I know it can bring a lot of fun! These days, it has become the norms for most families to dress up according to color themes. However, the designs of the attire are usually not specified and it is up to individuals to decide. Thus, during the wedding day you can always see a plethora of different types of dresses, such as baju kebaya, abaya, baju kurung pesak, kurung kedah, mini kurung and peplum. How about you gather up your close relatives and friends, and ask them to display their fashionable outfit up on the stage? To keep the barakah of the event, of course everyone involved in the fashion parade should respect the Muslim dress code, especially with regards to aurat.

I think this session is suitable to be paired with the cake cutting session since it is usually done towards the end of the wedding event. At that time, most of the guests have gone home already, leaving only close family members, relatives and friends.

Saving the best for last

Lucky draws have become so common in many Malay wedding itineraries. Everyone in the list of close family members and friends are given one ticket each. Thus, everyone gets a chance to bring home a gift item other than the door gift. For this time around, why not you have the grand prize drawn during the cake cutting session? This way, your loved ones will be more inclined to stay right to the end of your wedding day even if they live in faraway places. Honestly, I do think they will still stay without the grand prize, it’s just that with the presence of the prize the stay back experience can become more fun!

Want more fun ideas?

From my viewpoint, you can add in any element of surprise into your cake cutting session to make it fun and memorable. Open up to all possibilities, discuss with your loved ones and get the fun going!

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