6 Decor Tips To Upgrade Your Malay Wedding

Wedding decor! As someone who has only been to void deck weddings with little to no obvious decor theme, I am glad that young Malay couples are spending a little more to ensure that the wedding of their dreams will have a pitch perfect decor theme to fulfill it. But what if you’ve already picked your theme and decor, but you can’t help but feel that there’s something out of place. Something that you’d need to tie everything in. Well, look no further because we at kahwin.sg are here to help you out! Here are six decor tips to help upgrade your Malay wedding.

1. Consider centrepieces

Malay wedding decor tips

Whilst is extremely uncommon to spot beautifully crafted flower centerpieces adorning every table in a Malay wedding. It should be widely known that centerpieces can help elevate both the decor and feel for the wedding ceremony. Apart from that, they can be used in a myriad of different ways, either to help tie the wedding decor in or to provide a little kooky spin to your wedding decor. The good thing about centerpieces is that they don’t have to be super flashy or even match. Mismatched centerpieces provide an eclectic addition to your malay wedding decor. And remember at the end of the day, your centerpieces can be gifted away to your family and friends who helped you throughout the marriage process, as a unique wedding token. You’d be killing two birds with one stone.


Browse through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, as well as simple tutorials to help recreate that adorable centerpiece you’ve been daydreaming about. It is important to note that D-I-Y(ing) centerpieces can take up to two days, so pick hardy flowers that will last.

2. Pick your venue according to your decor theme

malay wedding venue decor tips

Did you know that Malay couples are choosing different, alternative wedding venues as opposed to the traditional HDB void decks? The reason? Void decks are harder to decorate thanks to the obstructive tables and benches installed and are also less comfortable for wedding guests, thus making it less than ideal. In addition to that, Malay couples are choosing alternative wedding themes (e.g. garden weddings, beach weddings etc) for their malay wedding ceremonies. And it’s a good thing too because how tacky would it be to drag a faux mural of the beach to the drab, gray void decks in an attempt to recreate a beach themed wedding? Picking the venue of your ceremony should be based on both the wedding decor and theme that you have in mind. Additionally, it will also help elevate your plain jane Malay wedding into something much more spectacular.


Consider using the community center or your local park as a venue if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to the typical void decks without breaking the bank (and budget)!

3. Make your reception hall homier and cozier

Malay wedding dias decor tips

One of the best decor tips I’ve found was the idea of creating different rooms in the venue itself. Renting several sofas and a small coffee table to put somewhere between the entrance and buffet table (hehe), to act as a waiting area will help make the venue cozier to the guests. You can section off the rooms with curtains to give off that VIP feel.

4. Consider renting aesthetically pleasing furniture

malay wedding chairs decor tips

The one thing I’ve noticed about Malay weddings is the lack of aesthetically pleasing furniture (i.e. ceremony tables and chairs). Since most couples often try to scrimp their budget by renting out simple plastic chairs and tables, in order to accommodate a large number of guests (one of the many mistakes a couple could make). A solid set of wedding furniture can make or break both the wedding decor and theme. You wouldn’t want your picturesque fairytale rustic wedding theme to be ruined just because your significant other won’t allow you to invest in wooden rental chairs, right?


Instead of draping fabric over plastic chairs and tables to save cash. Head over to your local warehouse or furniture shop and ask if they’d consider renting out some showcase pieces. Keep in mind that you can always negotiate for lower prices or discounts if needed by explaining how renting out their furniture for your wedding will draw in a large number of potentially interested customers.

5. Invest in a beautifully crafted wedding cake

malay wedding cake decor tips

Believe it or not, your wedding cake can help elevate your ceremony’s aesthetic and ambiance. Often overlooked by grooms (and some brides), modern day wedding cakes are actually a delicious way to add in a little zest of creativity to your ceremony. From the trendy geode wedding cake to the marble and gold foil covered cake, there’s obviously an endless amount of designs that you can come up with to fit your decor theme. So browse through your classier local bakeries and let them know of the theme and design of the wedding cake of your dreams. Alternatively, you can always browse through Pinterest or Tumblr for more cake inspiration and build your own wedding cake for cheap! Why not browse through our Pinterest for wedding cake ideas?

6. Lighting really helps tie everything together

Malay wedding lighting decor tips

It is no secret that the lighting can make your reception. The right lighting not only adds an additional hint of class, it can also be used to hide and camouflage the areas that you dislike about your venue. Alternatively, lights can also be used to highlight aspects of your wedding that you want your guests to focus on (e.g. pegantin table). No matter the reason, you cannot argue that the right kind of wedding lights will help elevate both the wedding decor and venue.


You don’t have to invest a lot in lighting! Why not whip out those string lights that you have in your bedroom to adorn the pegantin table or invest in various different types of cheap lights that will inevitably make a grand statement for your wedding day.

In a time where young Malay couples are slowly recognizing the importance of hosting beautifully crafted close-knit ceremonies instead of the old, ‘anything goes’ Malay weddings. Wedding ceremonies overseas are often spectacularly crafted classy events, that exudes luxury. This can definitely be achieved even with a small budget, especially when you’ve already decided on a set theme for your wedding. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not you (or your decorator) is resourceful enough to achieve the wedding look you want for little.

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