Essential Groom Pre-Wedding Preparations

Essential Groom Pre-Wedding Preparations

In the days leading up to a wedding, you usually tend to hear about the bride’s pre-wedding preparations – spending her days at the spa for facials, massages, mandi lulur (body scrub) and more luxurious treatments. Or she is being fussed over by experts at the hair salon, or at home, receiving the royal treatment from family and friends as she has henna applied on her hand.

Rarely do you hear about the groom’s pre-wedding preparations, thus often leaving him to be sort of ‘forgotten’ about, until the big day itself that is, close to the timing of the nikah, where everyone is going, “Pengantin lelaki dah sampai ke belum?” (Is the groom here already?)

I don’t think that should be the case, because if this day is special for the bride, it should just be as special for the groom – which means, leading up to the day, he should be just as pampered as the bride is! So gentlemen, here are some ideas, and important suggestions, that you should prepare for before your big day!

Looking good

Gentleman Haircut

You are the groom, so go and groom yourself! These days, there are quite a number of gentlemen barbershops that are popping up across Singapore. So splurge on yourself a little, and get your head of hair tamed by these experts. You wouldn’t want to show up on your big day with the same NS-days haircut that you have been sporting for years, would you?

These places also offer a good shave, so whether you require some beard trimming of that unruly hair on your face, or a clean shave, these men are your best bet. This groom pre-wedding preparation idea can also double up as an activity for your halal bachelor party, so round up your boys, and book the place for some pampering session for the whole group!

Also, do make sure to trim your nails, and if possible, schedule in an advance dental appointment to get your teeth clean, so you will be flashing a dazzling pearly smile!

Feeling good

Going to the Gym

So, this is something you might want to do several months before your wedding – hitting the gym! Now, before you groan and say this is a ridiculous pre-wedding preparation for the groom, let me explain why this may be quite important for you.

Going to the gym is not just about losing weight, it is also a great way to boost your confidence, and give your skin a healthy glow, which means you will naturally look good in pictures. Also, try and eat healthy! It will show, trust me!

On your big day, you will have hundreds to thousands of people coming to see you on the dais with your queen, and you are literally the raja sehari (king for a day). So wouldn’t you want to look dashing and confident as you smile for the cameras and your guests? You wouldn’t want to be that awkward groom slouching in his seat, would you? So rally your groomsmen, and get them to be that moral support you need to hit the gym!

Hit the shops

Wardrobe Makeover

Ok, let’s face it, you are going to be living with someone after the big day, and your new bride does not need to see your torn and faded t-shirts, shorts, undergarments or socks. So, if your cupboard is filled with those, please trash them and make shopping part of your pre-wedding preparation, and stock up on some nice, clean clothes. You will want to look good for your new bride!

Also, you will need to shop to buy all the smaller things for your big day, such as cufflinks for your suit, a tie that matches your bride’s outfit, shoes and more! Don’t leave it to the last minute or you will be frantic running around trying to purchase these items.

Clean up your room!

Clean Bedroom

I am sure you probably hear that from your mother a lot, but if your bride is moving into your home, then you better get on it! This may seem like a trivial pre-wedding preparation, but trust me, you are going to want to make space for your bride’s clothes, shoes, bags and her treasure trove! Or else, you might just find your favourite soccer merchandises, or Star Wars figures, mysteriously gone from your room once your wife moves in!

Appointing reliable groomsmen

Your bride is surrounded by a group of bridesmaids, usually pandering to her every whim. So, you should also have a group of your groomsmen, ready to jump in and help you as and when you need them. Just because you are the groom, it doesn’t mean that you have to handle all the pre-wedding preparations yourself. Reliable groomsmen will also make the big day that much easier for you, as they can step in should anything go awry, thus allowing you to relax and enjoy being in the spotlight for a change!

The big day will be exhausting for both the bride and groom, so you should try to get as much rest as you can prior to it. I have sometimes seen grooms, and even brides, tirelessly handling several tasks, running from place to place to collect things, and doing all the last minute work by himself. Let your groomsmen help you!

Prepare the money!

In almost all Malay weddings, you will have the hadang (find out more about the Malay wedding customs), which means as the groom, an important pre-wedding preparation that you should bear in mind is to have the envelopes ready to be distributed! My suggestion is that you colour code your envelopes according to the amount inside it, so you and your groomsmen (who will help negotiate your entrance to the venue to see your bride), will not get confused in all the exciting chatter and commotion.

Of course, depending on the groom, your pre-wedding preparation list might differ. Besides, I am sure the list for a groom’s pre-wedding preparations can go on, so why don’t you share with us what are some things you may be doing right now before your big day?

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