Tips to finding the Best Wedding Venue

Tips to finding the Best Wedding Venue

In my opinion, finding the best wedding venue in Singapore could be a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. As the population increases, more people are getting married on a daily basis. This leaves you with limited options, pretty much. So how do you deal with this scenario? Being concerned on this matter, I have a few tips that could help you secure that dream venue for your wedding day.

1. Confirm availability

Before anything else, know for sure that your chosen venue will be available on your chosen date. No matter how deep you have fallen in love with the venue, nothing more could be done if another couple gets there before you. Thus, the minute you’ve decided on the best wedding venue, make that phone call right away. You don’t want a minute of delay to cause a lifetime of regrets, do you?

2. Know the seating capacity

It won’t be practical to book a seating area that can accommodate to 1000 guests if you are not planning to invite more than 200 people. Vice versa, don’t book a teeny-weeny venue when you have a large number of guests. It’s vital for you to know the seating plan and the types of tables to be used. Also, ask your caterer to show you some photos of previous wedding events held at the venue. The photos could help you visualize your big day in a much better way.

3. Time of access

The common practice among many couples in Singapore is to rent their wedding venue for at least 24 hours. However, don’t take anything for granted. When you’ve come across an advertisement claiming to grant you a full day access, for instance, make sure from what time to what time the venue will be available for you.

4. Convenient changing room

Having a convenient changing room at the wedding venue is especially important for the bride. She needs last minute touch ups to ensure that she looks the best on her big day. Other than that, some weddings would require the bride to change their attire for a few times. If this is similar to your case, it would be quite troublesome if you can’t get ready at the best wedding venue. Therefore, double check before confirming your booking.

5. Can you order food from another caterer?

Some wedding venues must be booked together with food. Make sure you know the price per head to avoid spending over your budget. Ask whether there is a possibility for you to bring in food from outside caterers, even if it’s just one type of dish.

6. Can good photos and videos be taken at the venue?

There is no point for you to get married at a venue when you can’t capture your precious moments in photos and videos. If it rains, for instance, will be there be a suitable place where your photo/videographer can do his job conveniently? If this basic need can’t be met, it’s wise that you find another venue for your big day.

There are many other big points to consider, but the above are some of the crucial ones. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to pin down the best wedding venue, so good luck!

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