Hantaran Gift Ideas for Malay Weddings

Hantaran Gift Ideas for Malay Weddings

One of the exciting Malay wedding traditions is the dulangs (trays) of gifts, also known as the hantaran, that are exchanged between the bride and groom. I mean, who doesn’t like gifts right? But sometimes, filling up the trays can be a bit of a headache, especially if you are on a tight budget or you are not too sure what to give your future husband or wife (that is, if you are both into the element of surprise). So hopefully, this post will help you plan your own hantaran gift ideas for your big day!

Most of the time, couples will discuss before their big day on what items they would like, making shopping for things that much easier. Sometimes though, this can lead to some argument, especially if one party is demanding more dulangs, and expensive ones at that! So my best suggestion is to set a budget, and firmly stick to it – that way, you won’t go overboard and end up overspending on your big day (read more about budgeting for your wedding).

But in any case, here are some hantaran gift ideas for Malay weddings – categorized according to budgets – that you can consider! Do note though that the costs we have provided is based on a conservative estimate, which means that if you choose to purchase items with top-end brand names, you will have to be ready to fork out more.

Basics (Less than $500)

Ok, if you and your partner have mutually agreed on keeping the expenses for your dulangs small, then I would suggest you stick to the basics. Aside from the usual ring, duit hantaran, and jewelry, this would mean keeping your hantaran gift ideas between 5 to 7 trays, and would include things like:

Cakes / Cupcakes / Muffins $40 – $60
Pastries $30 – $50
Chocolates and other confectionary products $20 – $40
Fruit basket ($30) $20 – $40
Bunga Rampai (potpurri) ($30) $30 – $50
Quran ($30) $30 – $50
Prayer mat ($30) $20 – $30
Songkok / Telekong (prayer outfits) ($20 – $50) $20 – $50
A set of bridal clothes (stitched or unstitched) $100 – $150

Usually, the basic hantaran gift ideas for Malay weddings will predominantly feature eatables, which are often distributed to family and friends after the ceremony. Often, in the spirit of giving, you will find family and friends offering to contribute some of these eatable items as part of your gift exchange, so if someone offers, take them up on it! It is a wonderful gesture in the spirit of giving and celebration, and it will also help you save some money!

Normal ($800 – $1,000)

While keeping it basic might be ideal, these days, you will find that the hantaran gift ideas for Malay weddings often include more personal gifts than food items. This also means that the dulangs exchanged between the couple often ranges between 8 to 12 trays, or slightly more.

This will include some items that are listed in the basics above, and more from the list below.

Shoes (Charles & Keith, Guess, etc) $30 – $100
Handbag / Briefcase / Laptop bag (Coach, Kate Spade, etc) $50 – $150
Makeup products (Sephora, etc) $150 – $200
Perfumes and lotions $50 – $100
Watch (G-shock, Guess, etc) $100 – $250
Shirts / Trousers $30 – $150
Ties / Cuff links / Belt / Handkerchief (Braun Buffel, etc) $30 – $150
Towel set $30 – $50
Purses / Wallets $50 – $100

Extravagant ($1,000 and above)

Now, if you and your partner would really like to take it up a few notches and spend extravagantly on your dulangs, by all means, go ahead! Just be sure that the both of you have got the expenses in check, and are both comfortable with this decision.

Computer $500 and above
Game consoles $200 and above
Luxury handbags (LV, Gucci, Prada, etc) $400 and above
Luxury shoes (Furla, LV, Prada, etc) $200 and above
Collector items (books, memorabilia, etc) $100 and above
Luxury watches (Tag Heuer, Rado, Rolex, etc) $300 and above
Ipads / Tablets $200 and above
Mobile phones $200 and above

These hantaran gift ideas are fast popping up on dulangs lately, and have become quite the trend. It is becoming increasingly common to see at least one of the items listed above as part of the dulang exchange.

Personally, I think that when it comes to the hantaran items, it is best to incorporate elements from all three categories. In fact, that was what I did for my wedding. My husband and I had set out a budget, and from there, we listed some of the things we would like, and bought them accordingly. To save cost, I bought some of his gifts in Malaysia, or during sales, as it was more affordable and cost effective.

As an idea, this was what our list and budget looked like:

Quran & Prayer Mat $50
2 Shirts, Tie & Belt $150
Watch $200
Wallet $60
PS Vita $360
Cake $40
Fruit Basket FOC (Contributed by relative)
Cupcakes FOC (Contributed by relative)
Pulut Kuning (Yellow Rice Cake) FOC (Contributed by relative)

In total, I spent $860 on his gifts, and he spent approximately the same. We had planned to keep our budget below $1,000, and we did. It took some meticulous planning on our part – deciding exactly what it was that we really wanted or needed.

Just bear in mind that the dulangs you give and receive are for the both of you, so do not buy things with other people in mind. If you want to keep it simple, you have every right to do so, and if you want to go all out, it is also your decision. After all, it is your wedding!

Know of a friend who needs some help with regards to his or her hantaran gift ideas?Share this article with them! We would also like to hear from you! What did you buy for your significant other and how much did you spend? Hit up our comment box!

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