Low Budget Yet Amazing Door Gift Ideas

Low Budget Yet Amazing Door Gift Ideas

Sometimes, less is more. In other words, the lower your wedding budget becomes, the better it is for you. That being said, if you could spend the least amount of money on your door gifts, wouldn’t that be great? Not all people are lucky enough to be able to spend money freely. So if you are one of those who need to really cut down on your wedding expenses, here are some low budget yet amazing door gift ideas that might put a big smile on your face.

1. DIY candy in a jar

DIY candy in a jar
Image by http://rusticweddingchic.com/

This idea is especially great for those who really like chocolates and sweets. As for me, I am a big fan of chocolates. I bought cooking chocolate bars from bakery shops in bulk, so I got a generous discount. I also bought a mold tray to shape the chocolates and colored aluminum foil to wrap them. The process was quite simple; I only needed to melt the choc, pour it into the mold, let it harden and then do the wrapping. However, I admit it was quite time consuming. Luckily, I got some help from my family members, and got the job done quite easily. If you think this is too much for you due to the tedious process, don’t worry because you can still get affordable deals on the internet. Candylicious Shop, for instance, has various candies and chocolates that can be purchased in bulk for a cheaper price.

2. Letter opener

Letter Opener
Image by https://wildwagon.co.nz

This is not a common door gift for Malay weddings, but its uniqueness can surely make your big day more special and memorable. The idea is to buy letter openers from bookstores or gift shops (whichever one that offers the cheaper price), and then make your own little boxes from ordinary manila cards. You can also buy readymade boxes from http://www.paradise.com.sg/Boxes.

3. Pen drive

pen drive gift
Image by HappyWeddingArt

Pen drives could be quite expensive if you buy for the entire guests. However, I’ve noticed that some couples tend to give away special gifts for VIP guests. Again, you can put the gifts in DIY boxes or readymade ones, whichever is more applicable.

4. Honey jar

Honey Jar
Image by http://www.etsy.com

You might think that honey is not a suitable gift idea due to its high price. Do not get intimidated rather easily because now there are affordable sources available right in Singapore. Sure, you can proceed with your own DIY project, but if you lack the time and patience, readymade options are within easy reach. For instance, if you are looking for mini jars containing honey or jam, you might want to browse through Domeafavor.com.sg

5. Stationeries

Pen wedding gift
Image by http://personalisedfavours.com.au/

Stationeries are not commonly chosen as wedding door gifts, but there are many cheap and amazing items that you can turn into wonderful giveaways. Speaking about stationeries, you might possibly think about pens, pencils, and books. However, there are many other exciting items available for grabs, and most of them are priced below SGD2! Keep in mind though, that not all shops tend to offer very low prices especially for exquisite items. Have patience, and spend some time to discover the best available offer.  For a start, you could visit http://www.onedollaronly.com.sg.

6. Air freshener

air freshener
Image by https://frazicake.wordpress.com

If you buy a bottle of air freshener from popular brands, I can assure you that the price is not cheap. Imagine if you want to buy at least 1000 bottles for all your guests. You can easily end up paying more than $5,000 just for door gifts! This would be ridiculous, but there is another option, which is to do it on your own. Do you know that it’s really simple to make your own air freshener? Take a regular spray bottle (the one often used to put water in it when ironing your clothes), and fill it up with ¾ of tap water. Pour in a capful of fabric softener and a spoonful of bicarbonate soda. Close the lid and shake well to mix. Now you can start spraying your curtains, sofas and carpets. The fragrant will linger for hours. I’ve tried it at home, the air smelled fresh and the scent lasted for two full days! To make it into a cuter looking door gift, simply pick a cuter looking spray bottle. You can attach personalized stickers to make it look more elegant. There you go – cheap, practical and style all in one!

7. Serving tray

Serving Tray
Image by http://susabella.com/

This is another inexpensive option and trust me, there are endless designs available to pick. You could find some cute ones in http://www.tiendeo.sg/Stores/singapore/daiso. Ordinary kitchenware and gift shops also tend to offer an array of affordable options.

8. DIY bracelet/necklace

DIY bracelet necklace
Image by http://www.abeautifulmess.com/

Some people are so creative and patient enough to prepare their own wedding gifts from scratch. If you fall within this category, you might be fascinated by the idea of making your own bracelets as gifts. It’s quite simple actually. You only need to buy beads (available in sewing or flower shops), strings and scissors. Choose beads with a hole in the middle so that you can insert the string into the hole and tie up the beads in place.

9. Cupcakes in fancy paper bags

cupcakes in a box
Image by https://www.pinterest.com

It could cost you more than $5.00 to put 5 cupcakes into a fancy paper bag. However, by baking your own cupcakes and making your own fancy bags, the cost could be cut down to $1! Some cupcake recipes use cheap ingredients and easy to prepare. Since you will be baking in a huge batch, it’s advisable that you follow one of these recipes available at Shesaid.com. For the paper bag, you can simply buy the bags often used by street vendors selling goreng pisang panas, cakoi, etc. Then, custom order a stamp containing the labels or prints that you want to put on the bag.

10. Assorted biscuits

assorted biscuits
Image by https://www.pinterest.com

This is a great door gift idea because there are many options available on regular stores.  Nowadays you can find all sorts of biscuits in quantities of 3 – 4 pieces per pack. The packaging itself is presentable enough, but if you want, you can arrange 3 or 4 packs in a mini gift basket and walla! It will transform into an expensive looking door gift.

What do you have in mind?

After looking at the 10 options above, hopefully you will be able to decide on the best door gift idea for your upcoming wedding. Remember that you can always come up with grandeur looking items even when your budget is low.

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