Malay Wedding Door Gifts

Do you have an inspiration book for your wedding? Do you have a lookbook for your wedding wear? I’m pretty sure you also must have an ideal door gift covered in your dream wedding.

What makes an event memorable is when we extend our event celebration with a door gift. A couple may choose those that coordinate with the theme colours of their reception. Some may classify gifts as modern exquisite or traditional. Though what defines these may vary to an individual.

You could walk into a gift store and there would be an array of choice.

Gifts most chosen

Most mother of the bride I know just wants a fancy gift people would keep as a decoration. So naturally a small vase that the receiver could put flowers in or a small crystal figurine that looks pretty on a shelf would be something they would pick.

A gift I have received and personally love is a miniature tanjak which reminds me how their walimah was celebrated. It highlighted the silat performance during the playing of the kompang that accompanied the bride and groom.

Some gifts are keepsakes for it has a daily use to the receiver. An example would be a tasbih (prayer rosary) or the Book of Yasiin.

Door Gift - Surah Yasiin
Image by HoneyKoyuki

It has always been a norm to give candies and snacks away, probably because we all know that most decorative items will be thrown out. We don’t want to waste money and have the heartache, do we? Not to mention the mouthing of ‘bad taste’ for gifting amongst the relatives, friends or neighbours. Even gifting of snacks that we think would be the safest choice gets talked about. Kids these days are so choosy about the snacks they received. The horror!

Personally yours

The selection of door gifts may cause a riot headache. It used to hard to find the perfect one of a kind. Nowadays, everything can be customised. You are spoilt for choice.

Taking the custom route will also set you back some major dollars. You will need to hire a designer for the packaging and design printing. You will also need to shop for the actual inserts or contents for the packaging. If you have amazing design skills, you could save costs and stamped your personality on the design.

Riding on the custom trend, the gifting business has flourished on the web. It’s very common to find a door gift that comes in a package of either different quantity or different types of packaging. There have been ‘gourmet snacks’ that has become the trend. Some of the uncommon snacks to put in the gift bag would be popcorn or cotton candy.

Handmade is not cheap!

More couples also prefer handmade door gifts. Unlike what people think, handmade gifts can also look expensive. A creative bride with sewing skills could sew small carrier bags to be given to guests. The bag could be printed with the initials of the bride and groom. Filled with candies and such, it could later be reused by the guest.

Door Gift - Cute Bag
Image by Pinterest

Traditionally, people would knit a small carrier to put a boiled egg in and send it out. The significance of this is for well wishers to pray for prosperity and fertility for the couple.

If the couple could gather willing and skilled family and friends, they can be sure to save a lot.

Check out some amazing door gift ideas that will not burst your budget.

The Seasonals

It used to be popular to give cupcakes. It came in a variety of flavours and colours. There must be somebody in the family that has learned and became a skilled baker. They are usually the ones that you could rely on to do your cake ‘berkat’. Although, for convenience, it has become a replacement for the actual wedding cake.

Door Gift - Cupcake in a Jar
Image by LizaRazali

From designing your own to picking up ready made designs, what matters is that you give with a heart. You would want a gift that people could linked to your memorable once in a lifetime event. And if you are a lucky man, multiple lifetime events.

It is pure joy just to see kids enjoying the snacks or titbits that we took a long time to pick the right ones. It is also a good way of reciprocating well wishes that came to our wedding reception. It is worth every dollar spend.

Gifting trends comes and goes. The traditional gifts that we use to give has lost its significance. If only there is a way to bring back the old and modernised it with a redesign of packaging. That would certainly will bring joy to the elders. Also, to remind the youngsters the traditions of gifting and thoughts that comes with it. Question is, would you set a budget and spend within your budget or would you set the ideal door gifts and then save for the costs? What would be your ideal door gift?

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