Malay Wedding Preparation Tips

Malay Wedding Preparation Tips

Remember when we were little and our parents sometimes brought us along to a wedding? Some of us, at that very young age have been fascinated by the amazingness of the wedding and start picturing how our wedding would look like. Wedding definitely is one of the happiest days of one’s life but Malay wedding preparation can be such a pain. Thus, be smart and learn how to prepare for your wedding. Season 7 of the Friends TV show would be a good reference for everyone as it take us, viewers, see how Monica and Chandler prepared for their wedding.

1. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are like extensions to your mind and body. They are the helping hands that will assist you should there be any problems. That is why it is important that you choose someone really close, someone that have known you so very well because they should be by your side throughout the whole wedding process, starting from planning until you are to take off for your honeymoon. A bridesmaid or a groomsman should be well prepared, physically and mentally, of what ahead of them in the wedding. Choose wisely because not only that a bad helper won’t help, there is a possibility they can add to your piles of problem. In fact, it is safe to say that you should choose your bridesmaid/groomsman first before you choose your partner.

2. Wedding Folder/Binder

In the second episode of the mentioned show, Rachel suggested that Monica start preparing for the wedding as she just got engaged. Monica then pulled out a really thick binder and Ross was shocked, saying he hasn’t seen what he called “The Wedding Book” since he was 9. That’s right, Monica has had a wedding binder when she was a kid. It still is not too late for you to start leafing through magazines to see what’s in for bridal, fashion, design, food and everything wedding-related and start putting it all in one folder to help you have a well-organized wedding preparation.

3. Malay Wedding Budget

Your wedding binder would come to a waste if you don’t have cash to throw. Sit with your partner and both families and start drafting out the budget for your wedding. You can begin with listing everything you need for the wedding – dress and suit, food, venue reservation, bands, photographers etc. as well as putting digits of how much they usually cost. Then comes the part where you collect all sources to fund all the ceremony needs. It can be from your own savings, your family or even friends. Match and see if it will be enough to fund your wedding and if it’s not, you can either cut some cost and have a simpler wedding or prolong your engagement to steal some time to gain more cash.

4. Guests List, Date & Venue

A wedding can’t be a ceremony without guests. Come up with a list of people you would want to be with you on your happiest day – your family, your relatives, your friends, colleagues and all. Cliché, but the more, the merrier. Once you know who is coming to your wedding, pick a date that is suitable for everyone to make them present on that day. It is advisable that you pick a public holiday or weekends. Then, pick a venue and make reservation. Your venue should suit your wedding theme. Also, remember to pick a place that you can afford.

5. Wedding Outfit & Reservations

It is every girl’s dream to look the best on their wedding. You do too and you deserve it. Wedding is a one-time thing for most people. Choose the best dress and suit for that day. In some culture, it is bad luck to see the dress before the ceremony, but it is still important to impress the groom. Maybe you can try going shopping with their closed ones so they can help in choosing the best dress. Be sure it suits your theme. If you don’t belong to this group of people, maybe you can choose your wedding outfit together. Once you’re done preparing for yourselves, prepare for the ceremony too. Make reservations of your desired photographers, music bands, caterers, florists and everything you need and that includes the wedding officiant. How are you going to be married if no one marries you?

There is an easier option to this – hire a wedding planner. Most wedding planner these days offer services that cover everything from choosing what suits your needs to setting them up till the ceremony is over. All you need to do is spill your idea. Or maybe get them to spill the numerous choices and you just decide what you desire most. Sure, it’ll cost more, but it’ll make your life easier. But if you are willing to spend time and make your wedding means more, it is all in your hands.

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