Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot Venues in JB

Sick of seeing the Esplanade or Garden by the Bays in wedding photos? Want to be different and unique at the same time? Dreaming of having your shoots overseas

Well, there’s JB for you. In fact, why don’t you check out this list of top 20 outdoor locations to get the best out of your photos. Trust me, disappointment will never be in your book.

1. Taman Ekologi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Taman Ekologi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Image by http://nickswanderings.com/

Yup, it’s a park in a local university. But anyone can come inside and take photos there. Couples usually do their wedding photos at the gazebo on the lake. It’s suitable for those who wants a lake wedding concept. Just remember not to do anything controversial or disrespectful, okay?

2. Desaru Beach

Desaru beach
Image by http://www.desaruresort.net/

You know, that feeling when your feet are submerged in the sand while passing by the crystal blue water? Don’t forget the occasional breeze that keeps on kissing and teasing your skin. At Desaru Beach, you could definitely experience and capture all of those fantastic memories. I mean, who wants to do a stiff pose on their wedding photoshoot? Certainly, not me.

3. Pulai Springs Resort

Pulai Springs Resort
Image by http://stories.my/

Quiet, cosy and casual. That’s Pulai Spring Resorts for you! Here, you can choose tons of places to photoshoot. Usually, the balcony and swimming pool are the top options. But I’ve seen the odds happen at the golf club too. Skip the mundane and capture great photos. And, don’t forget to smile!

4. Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls
Image by Nicolas Lannuzel

“Are you frickin kidding me?”

I know, I know. This is for those who loves nature and outdoors. Or, for those who’s looking for something out of the norm. Surely, a splash won’t hurt your wedding gown, right? Well, maybe it will hurt your pocket a little. But remember that these precious moments could happen once in your lifetime.

5. Johor Grand Palace

Johor Grand Palace
Image by http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.com/

To locals, it is rather known as ‘Istana Besar’. Truth be told, this spot is famous when it comes to wedding photography. Being one of the oldest building in Johor, it bears a renaissance look that suits those who’s going for an English concept.

6. Danga Bay

Danga Bay
Image by http://www.countrygardendangabay.com.my/

Even the name itself seems peculiar. Or, is it just me? Danga Bay has many cruise ships and thus, it is one of the hot spots for any photography sessions. Honestly, the scenery is at its best during the sunset. Just pose near the colourful cruise ship at sunset and voila! Don’t forget to thank me later, okay?

7. Jalan Ibrahim Sultan

Jalan Ibrahim Sultan

Dubbed as the new Johor Bahru’s hang out place since 2014, this place has a massive LED sky screen. It is exceptionally pretty during the night. This place opens from 7pm to 12am only. Be sure to come at the right time, eh?

8. Hutan Bandar

Hutan bandar
Image by http://koeben.blogspot.sg/

“Wait, there’s a jungle in a city?”

Yeah, as the name itself says, it is located in the middle Johor Bahru. People normally take pictures at the lake near the forest. It’s like the Malaysian version of Central Park in New York.

9. Rider’s Lodge

Rider’s Lodge
Image by http://clairejedrek.com/

“So, you love horses?”

Aha, then this is absolutely the best place for you. As it is rather an uncommon place to take wedding pictures, you can certainly have the most unique wedding photoshoot experience here! Also, they have a beautiful manor that was built in 1999. Need a classic-like place for your wedding photoshoot? Just come here and snap on!

10. Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour
Image by https://www.nusajayacity.com

Just ask the locals for a nice wedding photoshoot venue. The name ‘Puteri Harbour’ would certainly be one of them. They said, the scenery is quite an eye past evening. There are numerous old ships here that could create a vintage look for your pictures. Say aye if you love vintage!

11. LEGOLAND, Nusajaya

Image by https://traveldrafts.wordpress.com

“Do we have any Lego fans around here?

“Me, me!”

Without doubt, this is definitely a favourite for the young hearts. As just at the entrance, there’s tons of humongous figurines that could be use as your props. Ditch the cliché wedding-style photos and be one of a kind.

12. Kilang Bateri

Kilang bateri
Image by http://ehgosheep.com/

It used to be a factory to produce batteries. Believe it or not, it has now become one of the most popular meeting place in Johor Bahru. Even so, this revamped yet vintage look place is worth to be checked out. There’s also many hipster cafes if the infamous hipster theme is what you want.

13. Cultural street

Cultural street
Image by http://ppunlimited.blogspot.com/

“The street draws?”

No, but the people does! Also known as Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, this place defines Malaysia as a multicultural country. There’s quite a number of nice wall paintings that could be used as the background. This place is definitely a go getter if you’re looking for a venue that screams ‘Malaysia!’.

14. Seri Alam Blue Lake

Seri Alam Blue Lake
Image by Syafiqjay

Actually, it’s an abandoned quarry site. But that doesn’t make it any less scenic than other wedding photoshoot venues. In fact, the colour of the sky is like nothing that you’ve ever seen before. It’s blue, white, purple with a tinge of orange and pink. Though it’s hard to get here, your sweat sure does paid off with the view.

15. Tanjung Balau

Tanjung Balau
Image by Martin Yon (flickr)

One word. Sea. Located in the Kota Tinggi district, this is for those who’s looking for a rather remote beach in shooting photos. Here, you can do those eccentric poses that you had in mind without worrying about those judging eyes of others.

16. Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai
Image by grass-lifeisgood (flickr)

Ever heard of Pontian? Well, this fine place is situated there. Make sure to bring money, as you need to pay a small entrance fee. With nice and breezy atmosphere, comes the greatest picture of all. Moreover, you could also use the deck to photoshoot wedding photos.

17. Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
Image by Kokkai Ng (flickr)

In Johor Bahru, this is surely one of the most beautiful mosque ever. The thing that I found bizarre about this place is the way it was built. Instead of the mundane cement, eggs are used.

“Like, seriously?”

You know, that was my first reaction too. Like most mosques, it’s white and symbolizes purity.

18. Kebun Istana

Kebun Istana
Image by http://www.skyscrapercity.com/

A place for a garden-style wedding photoshoot. Let me present to you, drumroll please! The magnificent yet beautiful Kebun Istana! Although located in front of the Istana Besar Johor, this gem is open to the public. My favourite spot is surely the green landscape and English-style gazebo.

19. Taman Pertanian Kong Environment

Taman Pertanian Kong Environment
Image by http://ecotourismpasirgudang.blogspot.com

“Are you sure it’s in Malaysia?”

Duh, it’s called ‘Taman’ for a reason. For those who doesn’t know, ‘Taman’ is called park in English. So yeah, it is in Malaysia. Frankly speaking, I agree that it looks a bit foreign. But that’s what makes it a special place for your wedding photoshoot.

20. Teluk Mahkota

Teluk Mahkota
Image by Panduanwisata.id

“Hey, where’s people?”

“Welcome to my private Island, guys!”

Yeah, you could definitely pull that off. As this island receives not so many visitors, it does make you feel like you own the beach. You can even shout, ‘My island!’ here without caring about people. Screw what they think. Lol, I’m just kidding. For the love of God, just don’t. Back in the colonial era, it was called ‘Jason’s Bay’. Though it’s basically neighbours with Desaru Beach, this place is less polluted compared to the former. And that my friend, make it one of the best place in shooting wedding photos. Here, you can lay down and have your picnic theme.

21. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Image by Ourparentingworld.com

“Oh My God, there’s a Hello Kitty Town in JB?”

Um, yes. And let me tell you something, nothing is cuter than Hello Kitty. I mean, who doesn’t love Hello Kitty as a kid? Well, not me of course. Known as a kid’s heaven, this theme park has numerous cute backgrounds that would definitely look good in photos. Nowadays, it’s like a trend for couples to do their wedding photoshoots at theme parks.

22. Kukup Island

Kukup Island
Image by Airboatafrika.com

“Ah, nature and me are so inseparable”

Really? Come to Kukup Island National Park then. Widely known for its mangroves and mudflats, this is for those who doesn’t give a heed about having a little brownish soil on their clothes. And guess what? That sounds just like you! Aside from those mangroves, Kukup Island also has a fishing village. Or, floating village for some.

23. Taman Merdeka

Taman Merdeka
Image by Mapio.net

“Independence Park!”

“What did you say?

Oh right. Taman Merdeka could be loosely translated as ‘Independence Park’ in English. It has 9 lawns that denote Malaysia’s fight from the reign of others. It’s well, a recreational park that happen to come with a waterfront.

24. Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm
Image by Holidaysinmalaysia.org

“Mm, fresh fruits”

“I got hungry just by reading”

Haha, don’t just sit around. Satisfy your inner demon by stopping here. Spanning at the size of 180 acres, this farm suits the ones who went gaga over fruits. Want some ideas for photoshoot? Try to capture pictures of you attempting to reach the fruits while having your groom looking at you adoringly.

25. Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru

Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru
Image by Mapio.net

To the locals, this historical place is like the soul of Johor Bahru. It has been there since the official city declaration back in 1993. There’s a ginormous clock tower that serves as the landmark. If you’re into history, this is the one for you. Plus, the place is so spacious despite being free. It sure does sound like a nice place to go!

26. Taman Negara Gunung Ledang

Taman Negara Gunung Ledang
Image by Johornow.com

“I know Puteri Gunung Ledang”

Glad that you’ve heard about the famous legend. For those who doesn’t, Puteri Gunung Ledang is a celestial princess who lived on Mount Ledang. Anyway, enough about History 101. Do you climb or hike as a hobby? Does the sight of seeing the nature makes you happy? If yes, then this could be the perfect one for you. Honestly, I think it’s quite amorous to have a mountain wedding photography. It shows that you are bold for the sake of your loved ones. For it takes guts to conquer the top like your own. Trust me, it’s going to be one of your most unforgettable memories in life. Nonetheless, just make sure your photographer is fit enough to climb the mountain.

27. Pulau Rawa

Pulau Rawa
Image by Bestbeachesinasia.com

The Maldives in Johor. A remote island that’s about four hours away from Singapore. What better place could you possibly asked? None, okay! White sandy beaches, jagged rocks and gentle blue waves. I bet you can pose for a thousand photos here. There’s like so many awesome spots in one place. You won’t run out of wedding photoshoot ideas here. For this place exudes too much beauty on its own! And, those kinds of stuffs are important in your wedding photos.

28. Orchid Valley

Orchid Valley
Image by Oanessahughesphoto.blogspot.com

“Do they have blue or purple ones?”

“Or perhaps, yellow?”

From white to black, they got it all! Express your love with those exotic yet graceful orchids. With more than 80 distinct types, pick your personal favourite. I highly recommend this place to those looking for a bright and refreshing background.

29. Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Jalan Wong Ah Fook
Image by Ourjourney06.blogspot.com

Food lovers will definitely love this place. As here, there’s hawkers and old-style kopitiams. Like tons of them. For those who thrive to be different yet original at the same time, do come here to snap pictures. Imagine capturing moments of you and your groom eating together at the local kopitiam. Or, a picture of your groom trying to make roti canai. Talk about being one of a kind. Though it may seem outrageous to some, you should definitely give it a go. I mean, this kind of photoshoot could only happen once in a lifetime. Hence, why not give it your all?

30. Kulai Rainforest Tree House

Kulai Rainforest Tree House
Image by Rientkc.blogspot.com

“I’ve never seen a tree house in my entire existence”

So, what are waiting for? This is the perfect time for you to explore while smiling at those fancy lenses. To make it more exciting, you can capture pictures of your groom chasing you up the tree house. It’s time to play hard to get again!

31. Tanjung Puteri Waterfront

Tanjung Puteri Waterfront
Image by Dayre.me

Still in JB, Tanjung Puteri or Princess Cove has a waterfront. And yes, another waterfront. Because who doesn’t love waterfront? For you can splash a bit while posing for photos. Haha, but remember not to wet yourself or those expensive cameras. They aren’t cheap though.

32. Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor
Image by Mygola.com

“Do I look like an animal to you?”

Hey, easy there! No one said so. Located at the heart of Johor Bahru, this zoo is for the animal lovers out there. You know, the ones who happen to have nine cats or disagree with animal testing? Tell them that they can have an animal themed wedding photography here. On top of that, this zoo has a mini lake. Maybe you can use it to rekindle your first boat date.

33. Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park
Image by Fatinsaffron.blogspot.com

A reserved tropical rainforest in Tenasserim Hills, this is yet another place for nature lovers. Being one of the oldest in the world sure has its perks. In this case, it sports rock formations that dated from 248 million years ago. My, that’s so ancient! And yes, those rocks do look great in photos. However, this park is inaccessible during the monsoon season. So, don’t plan your photoshoot on this season.

34. Hutan Lipur Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest

Hutan Gunung Pulai
Image by BusinessCircle.asia

“Nature’s calling!”

Okay, but please do your business somewhere else. Perhaps, at a secluded place. So, back to Gunung Pulai. Frankly speaking, it shouldn’t be called a mountain as it’s only 654 metres tall. Like other gorgeous mountains, it has a thick yet magnificent rainforest that could bring out the best in your photos. For bonus, this place has a beautiful canopy for those who are thinking of getting low angle shots. Plus there is an incredible tree house which is perfect for those that love the outdoor setting.

35. Zaharah Botanic Gardens

Zaharah Botanical Garden
Image by Nito@FourSquare

Ah, gardens! One of my favourite place in the whole world. Flowers are the essentials when it comes to weddings. Without them, weddings would be bland. Hence, be a glowing bride and immerse yourself in the sea of flowers here.

36. Pemanggil Island

Pulau Pemanggil
Image by www.1dasia.com

Mersing sure has a lot of good places for photoshoot. And one of them is definitely Pemanggil Island. Besides being an angler’s heaven, this place also grasp its fame through its clear emerald water. It has coconut trees and therefore making it a favourite in beach wedding photoshoot. You can also snorkel or dive here. So yeah, underwater photoshoot is also a possibility here.

37. Tanjung Langsat

Tanjung Langsat
Image by Jacobs@PhotoMalaysia

“Will there be any langsat?”

Sorry to disappoint you but it’s just the name though. This is a rather simple port for ones with simplistic theme in hand. You can have an Instagram-worthy wedding pictures without breaking the bank. Even so, it’s highly recommended to capture your loving moments during sunset. For that’s the best time to get them!

38. Tan Sri Dato Hj Hassan Yunos Stadium

Tan Sri Dato Hj Hassan Yunos Stadium
Image by wikipedia.org

“A football stadium?”

Yeah, one of the best in Malaysia at that. Also known as Larkin Stadium, this is definitely a favourite among the sports enthusiasts. You can use the bleachers and act like you are cheering for your favourite football team. Come on, guys! It’s 2018! Ditch the mundane already. For now, it’s time to unleash your passion in sports through your wedding photos!

39. Masjid Jamek, Bandar Mersing

Masjid Jamek Bandar Mersing
Image by Esyam@pixoto.com

“It’s simply breathtaking…”

That was my first reaction at Masjid Jamek. Located at the top of a small hill, here you can capture the perfect aerial view of Mersing Town. Why bother photoshopping your background when you can capture the magnificent blue and white architecture of Masjid Jamek?

So, which one did you have your photoshoot at?

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