Wedding Spotlight: What your photographer means when he says…

Zakee ByLensa
This article is contributed by Zakee of In this article, he shares his experience with clients as a wedding photographer and his numerous dreaded encounters with the wedding dais spotlight.

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Alamak bro, jangan marah. Can we switch off the spotlights at the back of the pelamin?

We are very sure that you – and your parents – and the whole extended family – want nothing more than to have memories from your wedding day captured wonderfully by a professional photographer. You have spent, or will spend, thousands of dollars on that gorgeous vintage-designed décor, or that minimalist inspired dais, and psst, for a minority of you, even set your wedding date according to the availability of the décor service. Yes, we’ve heard of that happening before. Well, why not? You deserve every bit of pelamin happiness. That is the only place you boleh tangkap glamour!

Colourful pelamin.. Yeay or Nay?

Colourful Malay Wedding Dais

We totally understand how it is as important to have a beautiful pelamin as it is to have a decent venue for your wedding. Well, it’s MY wedding. I can have it however I want it. But wait, as much as you may like the lights splashed across your pelamin to be in your favourite shades of yellow, pink, purple or blue, or a combination of all (eh, aku punya suka lah nak letak colour fevret aku? Aku yang nak kawin.), it may not work for all. Actually, at all.

The colours from the spotlights fixed at the sides, or at the back of your pelamin affect how your photos turn out to be. Choose whatever colour you wish for the flowers, backdrop curtains and other fixtures on your pelamin, BUT to have a spotlight illuminating a very dim yellow on your bride’s face does not make her too pretty. All the money spent on investing in a good MUA wasted, sis.

What couples always say..

But, haven’t I paid you to take my photos AND edit my photos? Pandai-pandailah adjust, bro?

Yes, but the photographer can’t guarantee that your photos will turn out as gorgeous as if your pelamin has spotlights that illuminate a soft white glow. Having a strong coloured light illuminating your pelamin, for example, may seem pretty at first, but once your beloved family members and friends join you on the pelamin for the crucial phototaking session, ugly shadows will invite themselves to be part of the picture. This will be made worse in indoor settings, where natural sunlight does not stream in. Guess who else would like a cameo? Neighbouring lights from the venue itself.

War with.. Colours??

Not forgetting the too bright lights hung up on the backdrop of the pelamin. This will cause a shadow overcast on the faces too as light bounces off your back, and not on your face – a gentle note to take when your eager friends’ mobile phones are not able to filter such light inconsistencies as well as a professional camera. What’s worse, the intricate details of your pelamin are made to look like they don’t even exist!

Also, when the colours of your songket are not really best friends with the colour theme of your pelamin, it is World War III (remember your colour wheel from art lesson in school?) The whole outcome of your photo may look like a beautiful mess of…rojak India. Mmmdap. But, we’ll keep this for another time.

In a nutshell..

Stick to minimalist colours for your pelamin. Nothing beats an elegant-themed décor (even a heavy traditional-themed one) than a soft white light glow to complement its look (and the look of its bride and groom).  You can still admire those smoky eyes your MUA has achieved for you just by looking at your photo sis, promise!

So, on your wedding day, when your photographer comes along to carry out his duty of honour, don’t be disheartened if it seems like he cares too much about the lights fixed at your pelamin. All he wants for you and your new wifey/hubby is an album full of beautiful photos worth keeping for years to come.

So do you understand now why photographers can be difficult when it comes to wedding dais spotlight? Share with us what do you think by commenting below.

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