5 Reasons Why a Professional DJ is Needed in a Malay Wedding

5 Reasons Why a Professional DJ is Needed in a Malay Wedding

Envisioning the typical Malay weddings, not all of them seem to want to use the service of a professional DJ. Well, this is perfectly understandable, at least from my own individual perspective. Yeah, some couples don’t mind appointing one of their relatives to handle this job. After all, it’s just a matter of music arrangements, is there a need to be so formal about that? Nah… some might say.

For me, it’s fine if my brother decides to be the DJ during my wedding event as he’s a creative dude. But…If you hire a professional, it would, in most occasions, be less stressful on your part especially when you are quite worried whether your wedding will achieve the level of standard you have in mind. Not only that… there is a likelihood that your guests would feel more at ease, entertained with the right kind of music during your big day.

Quality Wedding DJs Are Rare

Over the past decade, I have noticed that it’s much easier to locate cheap disc jockeys around. The thing is, I haven’t noticed an abundance of outstanding ones in terms of quality. I don’t mean they’re not qualified at all. In fact, they are considered good especially when you are easily satisfied with a selection of random music and style of delivery. If not, you might be facing the agonizing consequence of spending more than $800 on a DJ, but ending up having limited opportunities to select your preferred songs. That’s quite an irony!

When you analyze it more during the ‘post-mortem’ session or even weeks after your wedding, you might arrive at a painful conclusion that, “Oh my, the DJ I hired could care less about what he’d delivered – as a matter of fact, he didn’t even show any standard etiquette at all!”

Whether it’s just me or a shared belief, opting for the lowest price could possibly ruin your once in a lifetime (hopefully) wedding event! This is why I strongly feel that it’s not a waste of money to spend a bit more on a really professional DJ service provider. After collecting my thoughts and Googling around for a few hours, I managed to wrap up the five most prominent reasons on why this is so.

1. Professional DJs Will Do Follow-Ups Before Your Wedding

The first time you meet your DJ, usually it will be sort of an ice-breaker. He will introduce himself and understand your wants and needs. Following that, he will, ask detailed questions to get a clear idea on what you’ve envisioned. After confirmation (deposit required), he will proceed with work immediately. As soon as he receives your wedding date, the preparation process will usually accelerate on a steady pace. Depending on how early you’ve begun the collaboration, your DJ will initiate a meetup with you around two months before your wedding to run through everything in little details.

A wedding DJ, no matter how talented he would appear on the outer look, should never be shortlisted if he is unwilling to make series of follow-ups. The one who only cares about meeting up with you a week before your wedding day or even worse, simply on your big day itself is good enough, should be declined without a second thought.

My Personal Encounter

I recalled an unfortunate event that completely ruined my best friend’s wedding day. She was always an organized person, but a week before the wedding, fate took over things. The DJ she hired was unable to be replaced with anyone else due to unavoidable reasons. She was in despair, and having limited options left to choose, desperately Googled to find a rescue. Within minutes, an attractive looking website caught her attention. The website was filled with endless praises and positive testimonials.

Without thinking much, she believed everything that was there to see, contacted the DJ and hired him an hour later. He assured her everything was under control and all she needed to do was sit back and relax. She happily thought it was a really good deal, until the wedding day finally came. It was so horrific! It turned out that the DJ had no prior experience, and he was just in it to get some easy money from desperate people like my best friend! He was absent-mindedly rude, which I assume originated from his stage fright. Rude in the sense that he made ridiculous jokes and comments that annoyed and even insulted some of the guests. Thank God, he didn’t make it more than an hour, because my friend fired him before he could bring in more disaster.

That’s a painful lesson to learn, I admit. The good thing is, you can usually avoid disappointments by hiring a professional DJ.

2. You don’t have to pay for live kompang

malay wedding kompang

I’ve noticed that more and more couples are now inclined to prefer recorded kompang than the live version. The main reason? Of course – it’s more budget friendly! Besides that, your wedding DJ could adjust the extent of the volume so that it sounds just nice and not overpowering. Some DJs would simply toss in the kompang playback in the form of a free gift, as a token of appreciation. That’s really nice, isn’t it?

3. They are capable of communicating effectively

Being able to communicate with people from all walks of life is considered a priceless skill. Hiring a pro means he will inform you of everything you need to know, A – Z. If there are last minute changes, you’ll be the first person to know. The wedding DJ will also talk to other people involved in the preparation of your wedding, such as the photographer, videographer, MUA, caterer and emcee whenever there are questions to solve, changes in arrangements or even an entire change altogether.

During your big day, anything could happen beyond your expectations. For instance, one of your VIP guests might possibly request a song to be dedicated to you, without you knowing in advance. Being a professional, your DJ wouldn’t panic even if the song isn’t in his music library. He would be able to save the day by playing a replacement song in a breeze, without hurting anyone’s feelings and your wedding day won’t turn awkward even for a second. Phew, that’s a huge relief!

4. They arrive fully equipped

malay wedding dj

Professional DJ would normally use high-end equipment so that the end product would be at its highest quality. They also have reliable contingency plans to stay productive during emergency situations. If they do fall sick on your wedding day, rest assured to get an equally qualified replacement with no extra charges, and fully briefed on his list of duties. On your side, there will be no frowns. Just a big smile of relief.

5. No relationships would be put in jeopardy

Although it would be the sweetest thing to know that someone in the family is willing to become your DJ on your big day, there are many things that could spark offsets unexpectedly. What if the volunteer knows all the right words to say but know nothing about music arrangement? What if a bigger disaster occurred, up to the point that could make you go berserk? Now, what’s next? A finger-point session? Calm down now… you certainly do not want that to happen. Family should stick together no matter what. Thus, just let the professional DJ do his stuff. After all, he’s good at what he does.

Finally about professional DJ…

A proper Malay wedding usually takes up months of preparation. It’s good to bomb a potential professional DJ with series of questions to avoid future headaches. Only when you’re convinced enough that you should hire one. After all, it’s not a free service. You’re paying – so literally, you’re the boss!

What do you think about hiring a professional DJ? Share it with us by commenting below!

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