The Bride’s Checklist – Preparation Tips for a Malay Wedding

The Bride’s Checklist – Preparation Tips for a Malay Wedding

Just like any other wedding, a Malay wedding is something special, precious and pure, and it should be the grandest event in the life of a Malay woman. Of course, she will want to look beautiful on that big day. Apart from that, the wedding day should be perfect for herself, the man she loves, her family and all the guests.

To ensure that everything goes perfectly as planned, ample preparation should be done way before the big day arrives. Compared to everyone else, if you are the bride-to-be, you have a lot more to prepare since you will usually be the one making the final decision. To avoid getting too stressed up with enormous tasks waiting in line, it’s good that you make a checklist on what you should prepare for your upcoming wedding day. Here it goes!

1. Create a complete to-do list

For my wedding, I listed the most important items first. The florist, my wedding dress, the catering service, invitation cards, guest list, photo/videographer and makeup artist were at the top of my list. I contacted the respected professionals according to the order in the list, and then did proper follow-ups.

2. Choose a reliable wedding planner

I was extra choosy when it came to hiring the wedding planner. It was because a big proportion of duties were to be assigned to them. If they failed to deliver, my wedding day would be completely ruined. I did quite an elaborate effort searching for the right wedding planner, and it was worth every second spent.

Perhaps, you haven’t found the right professional yet? If that’s the case, you can look at what some companies has to offer before deciding on one.

3. Sleep enough hours and rest well

It’s very important that you don’t get too stressed out. The reason? Your body will experience the effects of not having enough rest. You will look tired, your facial expression will show it all, and your eyes will have dark circles and puffiness. A week before my wedding, I was consumed by the overwhelming, endless tasks requiring my attention. The symptoms of fatigue were all over my face. Thankfully, my family noticed them just on time, so I was forced to rest a day before the wedding. If not, I think I would have looked like an owl on my big day!

4. Planning in advance is the key

The ideal moment for you to start making plans for your wedding is right after you were officially engaged. For various reasons, these days some couples tend to prefer holding the engagement and solemnization on the same date. If this is similar to your case, it’s good to start planning at least 3 months ahead of your engagement cum wedding date.

5. Choose a dress that fits you inside out

Before you fork out a great amount of money on any wedding dress, take some time to ask your family and friends because they might have valuable opinions on how your dress should be like. However, the final decision should come from you, and not others. It’s a nice thing if everyone is impressed with the dress, but most importantly it must be the one that you’ve always wanted to wear on your wedding day. No point making an impression if it doesn’t make you happy.

When you buy or rent a dress at any bridal salons in Singapore, in most situations, they would provide alteration services whenever necessary. Be cautious, though, especially during peak wedding seasons. It’s advisable that you do the alterations at least 3 months ahead, to avoid unnecessary disappointments. In emergency cases, you could still request for adjustments, but usually it will involve an extra cost. It’s good that you window shop for a while to get an idea of the price range of wedding dresses, both readymade and tailored.

6. Nourish your skin

Living in this century provides us with endless advantages in terms of skincare solutions. You can easily shop around for cheap and effective home skin care products. Make a point to ensure that the products do not cause any allergic reactions to your skin. Organic products are good to go for, but again it’s up to your skin suitability.

If your budget still allows, it’s better to consult a professional dermatologist so that you can get your skin properly analyzed and treated. Getting your skin treated by the New York Skin Solutions is one good option, but be sure to wait until they give away promotional coupons with big, discount prices if budget is not limiting you to spend much.

7. Eat enough before the ceremony

You need to keep in mind that although you will be surrounded with food on your big day, you might not get the chance to eat freely. The makan beradap ceremony will be held for sure, but how much can you eat when you’ve got a lot going in mind at that time? Thus, it’s wise that you start the day with a heavy breakfast so that you’ll get enough energy to pull through the day.

8. Don’t go into extreme diet regimes

It’s normal for any future bride to feel anxious about her upcoming wedding day. Sure, you want to look the best, and if you want to reduce a few pounds, there’s a point in doing so. There are various methods to lose weight, and one of them is through dieting.

I chose this method as well and what I did was to eat in small proportions during every meal time. I omit the use of sauces and condiments. I ate mostly white meat like fish and chicken, fresh fruits and lots of vegetables. I drank about 2 liters of water every day. Fried and oily food were completely banned from my list, and I tried my best to prepare my food from scratch. The end result was quite amazing. On my wedding day, I was 8 pounds lighter and I felt great!

Some final words, sincerely from me…

It’s always beneficial for the bride to do proper planning, way ahead of time. It’s just not worth it to cry over spilt milk, because the past will remain the past. As the bride-to-be, you need to be strong and ready to face the upcoming challenges, I am sure you can do it! It won’t be easy, but with faith and a positive mind, all obstacles could be overcome more easily.

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