The Sweet Getaway Post-Wedding

Planning The Sweet Getaway Post-Wedding

Amidst the busy wedding preparations, the best part of it all is to plan the sweetest escapade – the honeymoon! The most exciting part that we, young couples, look forward to. All the time to ourselves, with the love of our lives, in a foreign country and enjoying the bliss of being newlyweds.

As hectic as the wedding preparations, planning a honeymoon can take up a lot of our time & resources. It requires a lot of research and understanding the country we want to visit. Before I share the beautiful countries you may consider, let me highlight a few important pointers to take note of when planning the honeymoon.

To Take Note Of

  1. Be aware of the available budget for the honeymoon after your wedding budget
  2. Discuss the interests of one another on which country to visit (in the region or across the globe)
  3. Decide the nature of the honeymoon (to go for an out of the world adventure, or to spend the time in a romantic place to relax and wind off after the busy wedding)

Now that you are clear on what both of you want for the trip, let’s explore the exciting countries!

For The Adventurous #TickMyBucketListOff Couples

Pataya, Thailand

From the beautiful Jomtien beach, to combing the ever-busy floating market & night market, Pattaya is one of the favourite honeymoon destinations for young couples. You may consider visiting the tourist attractions like the wildlife sanctuary or the Sanctuary of Truth first, but I would personally recommend the skydiving! Adrenaline-seekers would love the only full-time skydiving Pattaya offers. Free-falling from almost 13500 feet above ground and attached to a professional sky diver, what’s there to lose?!

Santorini, Greece

Many would assume that Santorini only offers a romantic getaway with its blue-green water and cosy resorts but little do we know, Santorini is an active yet dormant volcano. You can swim off the waters of the island surrounded by walls of cooled lava. How thrilling is that! After a satisfying dip in the waters, you can hike the island. There is also sulphur hot springs  between the islands Nea & Palea Kameni. Just charter a boat and you’ll reach!

Let’s travel a little further for a cold yet mesmerising adventure…


Hike to the top of Europe and face the first Alps mountain at Jungfraujoch and then take a rail at the Interlaken passing through the snow covered mountains. Choose between snowboarding or paragliding at the Alps mountain. If you are lucky to arrive in Switzerland during winter, don’t forget to take a cable car ride through the Swiss Alps and admire the beauty of the white top mountains covered in snow. Something we never get to enjoy here in Singapore!

I’m sure the adventure lovers will be thrilled to explore these countries!

For The #RomanticRendevous Couples

Paris, France

Top of the list destination when it comes to romance seeking couples and it is known to be the City of Love. Discover the different sides of Paris during the various seasons. So be sure of the season you want to experience when deciding to travel there. As lavish as the city sounds, ensure you have sufficient cash on hand. Wine ‘n’ dine at the Eiffel Tower or you can plan a small romantic picnic by the foot of the tower. Ride through Carnal-Martin in the arms of your loved one. P/S: There is a Disneyland if ever you feel the need to unleash the kid in you!

And, a place so close to our home…

Bali, Indonesia

Besides enjoying the night life in Bali or exploring the tourist shops, there are many romantic ideas you can try while honeymooning there. Imagine, having dinner by the beach, basking in the glow of the sun setting in the company of the love of your life? So beautiful, isn’t it? Or if you prefer the opposite, have the dinner in the cave! As weird as it sounds, Samabe Resorts offers this choice. Most exciting, Bali offers you a once in a lifetime experience in a helicopter! Ride past over Bali and experience the whole city in bird’s eye view. Wind down the day in one of the most popular villa – Kamuela Villas Seminyak.

There are many other places you can choose to visit locally or overseas to spend your honeymoon. To me, the honeymoon is very important because, as newlyweds, the stress of going through the solemnization & reception needs to be relieved somewhere and going for a getaway is the only perfect solution. During this period, I get to understand my other half better and if we are not already having our own place to stay, this is the only chance I get to experience “living just the two of us”. Going to a place we have never been together creates to memories that in 10-20 years to come, we can look back and reminisce the fun times we had during the honeymoon.

The most important point of the honeymoon is to keep the couples close together. It ignites the sparks between us, increases the affection we have for one another and if possible, continue going for a honeymoon even after many years of marriage.

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