7 things to immediately do after your engagement

You’re engaged. Now what? 7 things to immediately do after your engagement

Getting engaged is more than just the proposal, the ring and the change of status from girlfriend/boyfriend to fiance/fiancee. It’s basically the time you have to actually plan your wedding! Regardless of how long you decide to remain engaged for, here are 7 very important things that you should immediately do after you get engaged.



Without money, how are you going to pay for your wedding #AmIRite ? You and your partner should discuss how much money you’re going to save each month such that it will be able to cover the wedding expenses. This is probably one of the most irritating, heart-wrenching, I-can’t-deal-with-how-much-money-I-need-to-spend-on-my-wedding parts of planning the wedding. But just remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end!

2. Combined or separate wedding reception?

Decide on whether or not you’re going to have a combined wedding reception or a separate one. Making this decision is crucial as it will affect the next point that we’ll talk about.

In  case you’re unfamiliar, having separate wedding reception basically means the bride has one reception at one location, and the groom has one at another location. Generally speaking, separate wedding receptions tend to incur more cost because it’s double of everything. However, with everything else in this universe, everything has its pros and cons.

3. Set your budget

Depending on the kind of wedding (separate or combined receptions), you and your partner should decide on a budget for the different elements of the wedding. This will allow you to make succinct and informed decisions before deciding on spending on a vendor.

Here’s an example –

This is for illustration purposes only

Having a budget controls your spending, and it’s supposed to deter you from splurging on every aspect of the wedding. It also helps you decide which area of the wedding you want to spend more money on and this varies from couple to couple. For example, you can choose to spend a bit more on photography, but that also means you can’t spend as much on another element of your wedding (i. e. videography).

4. Shortlist & Research


If you’re on Instagram as much as I am, you would probably be following a few wedding vendors (bridal houses, photographers, videographers etc). Instagram is a great place for you to find the potential vendors that you’d engage for your wedding. Not only can you see their work, but you would also be able to stalk the hashtags to see what other users who have engaged these vendors have to say about them. Just like that you’ve got yourself first hand reviews of some vendors.

However, no research is ever enough. Find out as much as you can about certain vendors you’re looking at. There’s nothing Google can’t do 😉 You also have the option to ask people on their own personal reviews or experiences on the vendors they engaged for their wedding. Research is really important because I’m sure you’re familiar with the unfortunate stories about scams. A lot of money is going to your wedding. Don’t sell yourself short and waste all that hard earned money on unreliable vendors or worse, get cheated by one.

5. Have a to-do list (with timeline)

Just like with tasks we have at work, create a to do list together with a timeline. Doing this will help you keep track of what you’ve done, and what needs to be done. The last thing you want is to leave lots of things to the last minute and have yourself stress out for reasons that could have been avoided to begin with.

6. Keep track of payments made and pending payments

Chances are you’d have to pay a deposit to each vendor to secure a booking for your wedding date. Do take note of all of the payments, and when the balance payments are expected to be paid. Sometimes we all get caught up in the moment, and we forget that we owe vendors a 2nd payment (if they have any). It’s important to be punctual at making payment because think about it – these people will be the ones doing the job of capturing your special day, making you look on point, making your event look amazing amongst many other things. Be respectful of their craft and pay them when it’s due. For majority of them, this is their livelihood, and they have necessities too!

7. Don’t be swayed too quickly at Wedding Expos

Heading to the wedding expo is one of the best places to see the options you can choose from. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! A lot of vendors will showcase their work, and what they have to offer so you can actually see most of their works in real life- which is great! You’ll also get to have a chat with the vendors themselves. That’s one of the best indicators to see if you like the vibe of the vendor, if you can click and communicate with them well.


BUT, before you get excited by all the promotions and special expo prices, go back to point #3 and research before settling on anything. And of course cross check the price with your budget.



If there’s one thing, above all things that’s important when it comes to planning a wedding, is to communicate with your partner – every step of the way 😉

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