Wedding Photography in Singapore – Pre, Post and Event Day

Memories that last forever

We very much like to keep mementos for our special day. Capturing our memorable day with photos that last forever. Don’t you want to remember your inai designs drawn on your hands and feet? Or the Dj that made your big day so happening and joyous? From the makcik that did the cooking during the reception to the array of buffet spread that is accompanied with kueh of various colours and flavours, all memories are worthy of remembering.

Have you seen wedding photos of bride and groom of the yesteryears? They look so rigid and they weren’t smiling as widely or happily like the photos we take now. Photos, in the past, were taken in front of the couple’s parents and in laws. The bride will be guarded and the couple were constantly reminded to ‘behave properly’. Their poses were determined by the photographer and their smiles were nervous. Imagine having the whole family look at you taking pictures and dictating how to pose for pictures.

Taking a picture back then had to be proper as the parents wanted to show the wedding photos to friends and family. The photo taking are costly and it still is very much the second most must have in any wedding after the wedding reception.

Unlike the society today. Parents are more ‘sporting’ and pictures are more natural. The poses are casual as couples nowadays do get to develop a relationship prior to tying the knot. They are also allowed to show their personality.

Common Wedding Photography Packages

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Wedding photos are usually part of a package deal. The most common are Pre, Post and Event day package.

Wedding photo package in today’s market will cost you an upwards of $1200. The event day photography will start in the morning and end after the reception ended. Typically, it will last for 10 hours. The photographer will follow the bride and groom from just after they get dress. Pictures will also be taken during and after the akad nikah. During the reception, family and friends will be invited to take pictures with the married couple.

Pre wedding photo taking which was a trend is fast becoming the norm. Pre wedding photos entails the couple’s journey during their relationship up to their big wedding day. It’s also common to take pre wedding photos to introduce each other to the couple’s family and friends.

Pre wedding photos are not to be confused with engagement party pictures although some may use the term interchangeably.

Post wedding pictures are taken during the couple’s honeymoon getaway. Some couples choose to have a photographer fly in with them to their vacation abroad. The cost of overseas location photography will set you back to a couple thousands of dollars. The airfare, accommodation and itinerary of the crew may or may not be part of the costs. Before you sign any contract, do read the fine print. Include all hidden cost in the written contract so that you will not feel burnt in the pocket. What could be the enjoyable honeymoon or holiday could turn out to be a nightmare.

Wedding Photography Singapore - Pre Wedding Shoot
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Tips to a dream photography

At time you’ll get overly excited guests who will appear in every picture. Sometimes you’ll have too many requests to take pictures with the bride and groom. This could also be a problem as within a package, the photographer may determine the number of shots you could have in a day. I had the experience of my own wedding photography which causes dissatisfaction. Our photos as a couple was just so few and plenty was taken of the guests. There wasn’t much photos I would like to keep either. The photos of me, while candid didn’t portray me as the beautiful bride I wanted or imagined to be. It was so distasteful.

Always remember to discuss with your photographer what pictures are okay and in what situations you would not want to be photographed. Always asked how many shots you will get to have and which part of the reception you will like to be photographed more. If you layout the event day photography like the way you do with your reception, you will get the best pictures. Remember photography is a way to follow you on your magical journey. However experienced the photographer is, you are allowed to determine your shots.

For me pre wedding and post wedding packages are a privilege to have. The more important package would be the event day. To celebrate the joyous occasion, it would not be complete without capturing the essence, which is the love that the couple have for each other. To forever be hold in time through photography.

Well, bride and groom, who would you pick to capture and portray the best memories of your life?

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