Important Questions Couples To Ask Their Wedding Vendor

Questions that Couple should ask their Wedding Vendors

You’ve just got engaged and am super excited about planning your dream wedding. You’ve started shortlisting the various wedding vendors that you would like to engage on your wedding day. You spend hours reading and going through all the reviews of these vendors and even contacted some of your friends who have engaged your shortlisted vendors for their personal feedback.

With all those information, you started to think that you’ve known enough about the vendors and would like to book their services that very second. PLEASE STOP!

That’s when couples made their first wedding mistake. They are too eager to sign the contract after reading reviews that they forget to ask some VERY IMPORTANT questions.

So here is an infographic that we’ve created to help you and all other couples to not make that mistake.

Malay Wedding Vendors Questions

Hope you find the infographic above useful. Start bombarding the above questions to your shortlisted vendors and if they are able to give a good answer, by all means go ahead and sign the contract!

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